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All of the stories here are shared by people who want to tell the story of their healing journey from addictions. Some of the stories may not be easy to hear for some viewers due to the sensitive subject matter. If you experience any difficulty after viewing a story, please refer to this list of community resources or contact our team anytime for further information and support.


Elder Betty McKenna


Jenny’s Story of Healing

Cree Language version



Valerie’s Story of Healing

Cree Language version


Sheena’s Story of Healing

Cree Language version


Stacey’s Story of Healing


Cynthia and Russell


Elder Campbell Papequash


Young Warriors (Shyne Studio and Lost Boyz FILMS)


STREAM’s Group Response


From Stilettos to Moccasins


Drawings, Words & Thoughts Shared

Pancake Breakfast, February 2012
Life’s 2 Short

Pancake Breakfast, February 2012
Cultural Wheel

Community Conference, February 2012

Community Conference, February, 2012


First Nations University of Canada, January 2012