Evaluating Child and Youth Mental Health & Addiction Services in Saskatchewan

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Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, Community Care Branch

Saskatchewan Regional Health Authorities

On behalf of the Department of Sociology, Dr. Dell entered into a contract with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health to facilitate a formative evaluation of the Child and Youth Mental Health and Addiction Services across the provinces’ 13 Health Regions. The Ministry (Community Care Branch) has a goal of targeting the effective use of child and youth mental health resources toward improved mental health and well-being functioning for children, youth, and their families. The  focus was on implementing two complementary client outcome indicators based on the following measures: a) the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS); and b) the ASIST for Agencies (Outcome Rating Scale [ORS] and Session Rating Scale [SRS]). Betty Rohr was the lead investigator facilitating the implementation of these outcome indicators, assisting the Health Regions in pilot testing the associated measures, and collecting, analyzing, and reporting on the data.

In 2014, oversight of this project transferred to Dr. Carl D’Arcy at the University of Saskatchewan. Email: carl.darcy@usask.ca

You can view the CAFAS info sheet here.


CAFAS Subscales