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Share and collect all 12 First Nations’ recipes below!

Food is foundational to an emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy and well person. Each of the 12 National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) and Youth Solvent Addiction Program (YSAP) treatment centres involved with the project, along with our research team, have identified a recipe to share with you that showcase the beauty and brilliance of First Nations foods and culinary traditions. Traditional foods are an important way to connect with culture. We are sharing these recipes to give back to the many community members who have shared both food and knowledgeable stories with our project team. This sharing is also important for raising awareness with others about the importance of culture for healing from addictions.

You can use the recipes in many exciting ways, such as:

  • Hosting a community cook-off
  • Discussing the role of food in practicing culture
  • Dedicating time each week to try out a recipe with family or co-workers

In sharing these recipes we can also give thanks daily for the good life that we’ve been given.

For additional information on the importance of food to wellness in Canada, you can visit Dr. Priscilla Settee’s talk on Indigenous Food Sovereignty and the People’s Food Policy Project, a pan-Canadian network of citizens and organizations that is creating Canada’s first food sovereignty policy.

Since every body has different dietary requirements and nutritional needs at different life stages, we would like to provided some guides for substituting ingredients to fit your specific dietary requirements.The Health Canada Food publication Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide – First Nations, Inuit and Métis provides a recommendation for the number of servings needed from each of the four food groups every day, as well as Estimated Energy Requirements based on age and activity level.

We have also compiled a quick reference chart of the more common ingredient substitutions along with the sources for this information below. We encourage everyone to make the most informed choices possible for engaging a healthy and robust diet that provides all the nutritional elements for wellness.

Information about nutritional practices

– Eating Well With Canada’s Food Guide – First Nations, Inuit, and Métis
Eating Well With Canada’s Food Guide
Health Canada Nutrition Facts Table
Health Check Program Nutrition Facts
The Healthy Eating Manual
Healthy Alberta Food Smart Guide
NWT Food Guide
Canadian Diabetes Association Information on Sweeteners

Common food substitutions (cooking for dietary or allergy concerns)


More Information About Ingredient Substitutions

Healthy Recipes: A Guide to Ingredient Substitutions
–  Easy Substitutes for Baking (includes conversion ratios)
83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions
Heart-Healthy Ingredient Substitutions
Substituting Common Allergens
Allergy Free Substitutes

The above is not an exhaustive list of information available, so be sure to consult with your family care physician, nutritionist, or another health practitioner to find out more about healthy foods and nutrition.

Be sure to connect with us to access one of the project’s measuring spoons to use with your recipes & the full set of recipe cards for FREE!



You can download the full set of recipe cards by clicking here:
Honouring Our Strengths: Indigenous Culture as Intervention in Addictions Treatment Project Recipe Cards PDF file

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Cooking with Community – Share your recipe!

Here you will find a growing collection of recipes shared by community members to continue the conversation about cooking with culture!

Do you have a recipe to share? Please send us an email or fill out the Survey Monkey form below and we’ll post your recipe here! Let’s keep the conversation cookin!

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