Connecting With Culture: Growing Our Wellness

Welcome to the Connecting with Culture: Growing Our Wellness resource page for service providers.

These materials are the outcome of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded study that aims to introduce service providers and their clients to a step-by-step process that supports engagement with what Indigenous culture means for client wellness.

The Connecting with Culture: Growing Our Wellness resource is comprised by the Facilitators Handbook and accompanying Client Activity Guide.

The Facilitators Handbook

Facilitators’ Handbook

Client Activity Guide

Client Activity Guide











This resource is designed to provide accessible instruction at any level of cultural competence. The booklets share many examples to maximize the benefits of engaging culturally based supports for wellness. There are many ways you can engage the materials; with your clients, with your community, or with colleagues.

Each book also includes a poster-size foldout of the Indigenous Wellness Framework, as offered by Elder Jim Dumont.

Indigenous Wellness Framework – Poster

From the Facilitators’ Handbook: “The Indigenous Wellness Framework explains that we can connect with our Native culture in many ways. For example, we can spiritually connect with culture by offering prayer or participating in a ceremony. To emotionally connect with culture we can start a relationship with the living world, including plants and animals. Learning and thinking about Creation stories allows us to mentally connect with culture. We can physically connect with culture by touching the land and thanking Mother Earth for her gifts.”

Each Client Activity Guide also provides a package of wildflower blend seeds. These seeds encourage growing wellness at home and continuing the journey by seeking connections and teachings that are specific to the client’s home community.

Seed Package - Front

Seed Package – Front

Seed Package - Back

Seed Package – Back











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Further information about the Honouring Our Strengths: Indigenous Culture as Intervention in Addictions Treatment research project is available by clicking here.


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