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The From Stilettos to Moccasins research team at Cedar Lodge in Dundurn, Saskatchewan, on February 15-17, 2009, to review where our team had been (e.g. data collection), where we were at (e.g. findings), and where we were going (e.g. further analysis, knowledge translation and dissemination). The three days of our gathering mirrored each of these themes.

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Integral to the project from the beginning has been an understanding that everything and everyone is interconnected – from the stages of the research process through to the relationships between the women who were interviewed and shared their stories and the women doing the interviewing. In standard methodological practice, this project followed a linear process. For example, the literature was reviewed and then the interview questions were developed. From a holistic and integrated understanding, however, we also incorporated women’s lived experiences into the development of the interview questions. No single form of knowledge was prioritized over another in this project. Everyone involved was identified as contributing equally important and legitimate understandings.

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A video documenting a snapshot of our team’s research process was developed at the Cedar Lodge gathering. This was done in collaboration with Marcel Petit of productions, Ian Roach of Left Shoe Moving Pictures, and Angela Mae Edmunds of Mae Star Productions, and is intended to provide an introduction to the basic premise of our team’s process. It is available free of charge by contacting us.  

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A condensed 10-minute version of the video was made by SaskTel for MAX OnDemand, titled Saskatchewan: A Healing Journey.